Tuesday, July 28, 2009

"I'm sorry"

Tell me, is this a three year-old thing? My little guy now knows when he's in trouble. Even before I tell him most times. And then he comes out with it - "Sorry!" or "I'm really really sorry Momma." But it never sounds real. It seems that he just knows he's supposed to say it, and it's like some sort of magic formula that's gonna make the bad times go away. It doesn't.

It really doesn't.

It just frustrates me.

We're trying to raise a polite little guy, aware of his impact on others. And some days it just feels so fruitless.

But then I remember that his best little friend, who has always been such a sweet, caring, well-behaved little guy ... he does the sorry thing too. Like every other word out of their mouths some days is "sorry." Even when they haven't done anything. Like some kind of prophylactic against future bad behaviour.

I hope this is just a phase

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