Sunday, July 26, 2009

Second Try

Wow. Three years later, almost to the day, I've found my old, half-assed attempt at a blog. I really wanted to do this at the time, honest. But I guess life got in the way. I think I'll try again, with lowered expectations of how insightful and amazing my blog should be. That may lead to better success.

Now the mom of a 3 and a half year old, and step-mom to a 14 year-old, life is certainly interesting. Puberty and the terrible twos were not a good combo in the house. We barely survived intact.

But here we are and things are starting to settle out. The summer of 2009 in Toronto leaves much to be desired, both in terms of the crappy weather and the City strike. Michael misses his swim lessons and the neighbourhood pool and splash pad. But we're finding things to do. Our latest "first" was a visit to the Ikea playroom yesterday, which was a huge hit, if too short. And we joined the Science Centre last week, where he loved the Lizards and Snakes Alive exhibit and Kid Spark. It was just soooo busy there though. And they've closed down their regular cafeteria for reno and food service is very limited. Not that their website will tell you that!!!

I have to say that the Ikea experience is something I'll need to get used too - leaving him in a crowded place with strangers. But of course he was safe. I just held onto the buzzer they gave me like a lifeline and watched the clock obsessively. Hubby and I did manage to get our shopping done and Michael came out "without a scratch" as the attendant told me with a wink. Even though he's been in daycare from 11 months, this is an entirely different experience, without the pre-visits and ECE and licensing and what-not. But now maybe I'll be able to bring myself to take advantage of the child-minding at the mall too ...

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