Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I Frew Up

I should know better. The morning was just going too smoothly and I got complacent.

Freshly showered, coffee pot just turned on and the aroma already working its magic. I hear the pitter-patter of little feet upstairs. And I go and see my darling boo in his sweet little jammies, already awake, holding his teddy bear and rubbing his eyes. "Good morning Mommy." So adorable.

And he's being so good and agreeable. "Can I have some juice Mommy?" "No dear, it's time for yogourt drinks." "OK."

He was so easy to get along with this morning that we actually were making great time and I was almost ready to go out the door way early. It was nothing short of a miracle. No tantrums, no fussing about waking up. Wow. So I let him take advantage of our new found few minutes so he could play his video game.

And I turned my back for an instant, and I heard this wet, spew-y sound. Oh no.

Turned back to see a very surprised little boo, with the last remnants of throw-up just falling from his mouth. On the rug, on his pants, on his feet.


"I frew up Mommy."

No shit.

Into the shower with him. Then I realised I would have to get undressed too to clean him. So off came my blouse. Turn around and he's peeing in the shower. Argh! So pleased with himself. I leaned in the shower in my bra soaping him up. "Thanks for using soap to clean me Momma." (What's with this politeness today??)

Then back to the family room to let him play his game while I cleaned up. Mom of the Year that I am, I now saw that the rug, in addition to the new throw up, was also covered in cat fur and what might have been crushed popcorn from the weekend. Down goes the towel for him to sit his little naked butt on while he plays and I scrub.


Mommy gets dressed again, finishes make-up, dresses naked child. "Do you feel sick?" "No" "Did you choke on something?" "No. I just frew up. It's ok Mommy."

He never throws up. Still no idea what happened.

But I do know I need to clean the family room rug. Stat.

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