Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Michael and Susie, up in a tree ...

OK, so her name's not really Susie (I shouldn't be the one to reveal her identity to the world I don't think.)

But he does have a girlfriend. She told me so herself. Let's call her Susie for now.

She's an older woman. A bit of a cougar really. I mean he's only 3 (yes Michael, "and a half") years old, and she's been 4 for months now.

She told her mom they're getting married. He's been vague on the details. But I have to say we've all been enjoying watching their young love in action. His daycare teachers say he will only sit next to her at lunchtime, no one else. And the other day when I picked him up early he was quite sad that she was still in kindergarten and he couldn't say good-bye.

On Friday, with the prospect of not seeing him for a whole 2 days, she came running across the playground to give him a kiss good-bye.

This has lasted about a week and a half now, and everyone is supportive. One of his teachers even allowed him to be the fourth at a "three kids only" table when he arrived one day last week, because he really wanted to join Susie. So sweet!

We'll have to watch and see where this goes. The first of many romances. Let's hope the decision to move on is a mutual one when it happens. This momma doesn't want to see her little guy's heart broken already!

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