Thursday, September 03, 2009


Not sure how it came up exactly, but something this morning reminded my 3 year old about birthday parties. Which led him to start planning for his next one. In January. Whatever.

So he's so far requested "those blow-y things" (you know the ones I bet - what are they called?), cake, and his friend Elizabeth. Then I made the mistake of asking him who else should we invite. The usual couple of BFF names came up. Then he asked for "Olivia" (who used to go to his daycare, but no longer does, and I would have no way of knowing how to find her - he'll forget by January, right?) and then "Big Nathan." Now, "BN" is a big kid in his daycare, who is about to start grade one and has moved on to the "school-age" room. He is a sweetheart and does seem to quite like Michael and plays with him quite a bit. In that older brother sort of way.

So we get to school, and Michael sees BN and runs right over to him. And pops the question. The answer?
"Um, I don't think so."
Michael didn't seem to understand, which is cool. And BN followed up quickly with "I don't know where your house is, so I can't go." Logical when you're 6, or 3.

But mommy felt this little twinge of sorrow at the thought of future rejections to come along in his life. Some big and some small. He bounced back quickly from this one. Let's hope the same can be said as he grows older.

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