Friday, October 30, 2009

H1N1, Ghosts, and other scary things

Like absolutely everyone else in the known universe, I've been stressing out about H1N1. I was fine last spring, all summer, and right up until I started reading about kids dying. Within a day or two or showing symptoms. Then I freaked out.

I don't get flu shots, and so neither does my little Boo. I had them three years in a row during grad school. Mostly because the public health nurses set up shop in our building's lobby, so I had to pass them a million times a day. And they had candy. But each time I had an intense reaction of pain and swelling in my arm that lasted about three days, rendering my arm pretty much useless and making it impossible to sleep on that side. And each time I got sick with "flu-like symptoms" a couple of days later, and those symptoms stuck around for a week.

So, not my cup of tea. And I don't want to put little Boo through that, and don't know but that he might react the same way I do.

But I am now officially more afraid of the virus than of the vaccine. So we'll go get the shot. At some point. When the furor dies down a little and I won't have to wait in line for 3 or 4 or 9 hours with a hyperactive, short attention span almost 4 year old.

And once I made that decision I started to feel a bit better. Plus, we're pretty sure that DH had H1N1 a few weeks ago, and none of the rest of us got sick. So I'm hoping we maybe were exposed a bit and maybe have some natural antibodies now? Maybe? Probably not realistic, but I'm taking my reassurances where I can these days.

But then one of the gals at work asked me "Are you going to let Michael go Trick or Treating?" And I looked at her blankly for a second until it hit me. Images of snotty nosed fools sneezing into the candy bowl as they handed treats to my child. OMG!! Now what? After a moment of new-found panic I calmed down and started to formulate a plan.

Obviously you can't suddenly tell an almost 4 year old, after weeks of anticipation, that no, come to think of it, you can't go trick or treating after all. Can you imagine the reaction? The future therapy bills? So, we'll let him put on his ghost costume and do his thing. Anything unwrapped goes in the garbage anyway. And we'll have lots of hand sanitizer with us. We're talking about sanitizing the treats as well (in their wrappers of course). That may be overkill, but that's just how we roll.

Happy Hallowe'en! Hope it's safe and flu-free!

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