Friday, October 09, 2009


So, 14yo DSS got in trouble at school on Wednesday. Not that he talked to us about it - his extra sullenness went unexplained. But he had to talk to his mom, because the school called her.

It seems that he and one of his buddies were "horsing around" after school, just outside the building. They picked a good spot too - right outside the window of the school office. (He's bright, my boy.) As many a parent has said, "It's all fun and games until someone loses an eye!" Or, breaks a window. In the school office. With the Vice-Principal watching.

No injuries, no shattering glass and blood. (Thank goodness!!!) But they did stumble and fall against the window and crack it, so that it will need to be replaced. Unsurprisingly they got hauled into the office for a little sit down. They were presented with two options - they could pay for the new window, or they could work it off with community service. And the boys, in their naivete, chose the community service. Suckers!

No, really, I'm happy they did, and I think it will actually teach them a better lesson, and potentially do some good in a more general way. Depending on what the service turns out to be. But the critical thing here is that they have NO IDEA what doing community service as a punishment means. DSS apparently thinks he will be given time off class to do this. Ha! So, the initial pride we felt when we heard he chose the service option has kind of faded.

We're anxious to know what community service means in ninth grade. Will he have to pick up garbage in the school yard? Read to little kids at the local library? Volunteer at a food bank? I'll let you know.

I'm happy the school has this disciplinary option, but hope they have the money to replace the window too. Given the state of repair budgets in the TDSB, I'm a little worried.

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