Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Christmas List.

My memories of childhood Christmas time vividly include the Sears Wishbook. My brother and I would each get a different colour pencil and we'd take turns circling all the toys we wanted to receive. I'm pretty sure there wasn't much left un-circled, and this process probably didn't help Mom & Dad all that much. But we had a blast dreaming of the bounty to come. I don't think we were terribly spoiled, and we certainly didn't get everything we asked for. But we always had great toys and lots of love come Christmas morning.

I haven't introduced Little Boo to this tradition yet. The commercials on YTV and even Treehouse are enough for me to deal with. "OOH! I want that Mommy. Do we have enough money to buy that?" "Well dear, it's almost Christmas. Maybe you can ask Santa." Important note here - we are very clear that Santa likes options, and not all requests are delivered. Santa has millions of little kids to look after, so not everything on the list of desires will appear under the tree.

We wrote his Santa letter this week. Last year was his first one. He asked for two things - that dancing Ming Ming doll, and a snowglobe. (Santa gave Tuck a snowglobe in WonderPets Save the Reindeer you remember.) This year the list is increasing - a special toothbrush just like his best friend has, a My Little Pony playset, Bounce Back Racers, a huge Imaginext Dragon toy ("the creepy dragon toy mommy! write that one down too!"). Aaand, another snowglobe.

Am I creating a consumerist monster? The most amazing thing about this list is actually that there are no electronics on it, given how much time he spends on computer games.

Now we have to choose a gift together to go to charity. And we'll make a monetary donation as well. Last year he did really well placing a toy he would have liked into the bin for a little boy who wasn't as lucky as he is. I hope we can continue that tradition and he learns from it.

He decorated his Santa letter with stickers, and I'll put it in the mail for him this weekend. I hope he will be happy with whichever of the options Santa chooses from the list. And I hope these letters don't grow exponentially over the years!!

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