Monday, November 02, 2009

Ghosts and Ghouls

I love Hallowe'en. I love decorating for it and carving pumpkins and seeing all the kids in their costumes and wandering the neighbourhood and chatting and oohing and aahing. And of course there's the candy.

Little Boo went as a little Boo this year.

His costume progressed until he eventually allowed me to paint his face, moments before we walked out the door:

Unbelievably difficult to get him to hold a scary face for the camera. He just couldn't bring himself to not smile. I guess it's the past three years of "Say cheese honey!" "Smile for the camera!"

He had a great time. He even braved the amazingly scary haunted house in our 'hood, although he didn't last long there after meeting the mannequin that grabbed for him. He danced with skeletons and shouted "boo!" at most every door. And momma is proud to report he remembered to say thank you. Almost always. Here's a picture he took of his loot:

Not too excessive I think. It will be doled out and shared gradually.

It was an interesting Hallowe'en. I had a brief moment of panic when one of the gals in the office asked me if I was going to keep him home because of H1N1 fears. But you can't do that to an almost four-year old who has been talking about Hallowe'en pretty much since the summer. I went with him to the doors and we inspected candy before he ate any. Lots of hand washing when we got home.

There were definitely fewer houses in our neighbourhood giving out treats. And we got fewer kids at our door (probably 75 instead of the 90 - 100 we usually get). One woman we visited gave out treats through a tiny crack in her door, with her face securely behind the glass. Her hand just reached around the opening to deposit a bag of chips in each kid's bag. Very odd. Was she afraid someone brought out their flu-y kid to trick or treat? And they'd sneeze on her? I guess so. To each her own.

How was your Hallowe'en? Favourite/oddest moment? Would love to hear about it!

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