Friday, November 27, 2009

My Fantabulous Day.

Can I tell you about my day? Like, really?  When you ask me "Hey, how you doin'?" can I actually tell you in vivid detail? Cuz today was super. And I just feel I need to share.  Indulge me.

I'm a temporary single mom.  DH is away for a couple days for meetings and I'm home with the boys.  I don't often get to have my step-son with me when DH isn't around, so I'm never sure how it will go.  Even up to a couple of years ago his mom would have not allowed it. (I've been his step-mom since he was 5, so 9 years now.)

Last night we ordered pizza and hung out. Just the three of us. And we got to order pineapple! Woo Hoo! One of the benefits of Daddy being away. Then my dear friend came over to veg and drink Chai tea lattes. And my darling darling 14 year-old put my almost four year-old to bed. I can't explain how big a deal and what a help this was.

And Saturday has been one of those days where everything just seems to come together. The weather was gorgeous this morning, and nice and fall-like this afternoon.  There were errands and homework in the morning (and the 14 year old got out of bed by 10am all on his own!)

After the pizza leftovers (ahem)  for lunch we headed to the backyard for leaf raking and jumping and bagging.  There was some whining between the jumping and bagging ... to be expected I guess. "Why oh why must the leaves go away Mommy?!" But the fresh air and fun was super and led naturally to the first fire of the season.  And it was pretty impressive too, if I do say so myself. Once the little one tired of watching the flames the boys went downstairs to play video games and I got to wrap Christmas gifts in front of the fire.  With a glass of lovely red wine and Christmas music on the stereo. It was a little piece of heaven! I felt so festive and relaxed and stress-free. And my boys were bonding peacefully in their own space. Who could ask for more?

Well, me, apparently.

My blissful day turned into a raucous evening with the gals and blender drinks.  I left the Little Boo in the loving care of the Teenager while I went out. It was the first time for this babysitting gig, and I was a little nervous, but I wasn't too far away, and DH was scheduled to be home by 10pm.  So how much trouble could they get into really?

Well, none, apparently.

Everyone survived unscathed and the little one was even in bed when Daddy got home. Huge thanks go out to my big guy!!

What do you think the chances are I can get one of these idyllic days again anytime soon???

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