Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Potty Relapse

I'm so very tired today. A little head popped over the edge of my bed at 3am. "Mommy, I peed my bed." And he looked so sad about it. Poor little guy. He's almost 4, and has been fully "trained" for about 4 months, night trained for more like 8 months. But the last couple of weeks he's started having accidents again. Like going #2 in his pants at his best friend's birthday party. (Sooo glad he was smart and confident enough to come and tell me right away!) And a few little drippy incidents when he's been engaged in playtime or a movie.

But last night was the first time he's peed the bed since last winter. He gets up to go pee in the night and goes back to bed. We had even taken the plastic sheet off (it was starting to tear anyway.) So, off with the jammies. Rinse off the boy. Give him new jammies to put on while I strip the bed. It became immediately clear that his bed was in no condition to receive fresh sheets. Sigh.

So Little Boo got to crawl into bed with Mommy & Daddy. He fell back to sleep. I dozed. Eventually. Daddy was still awake when the alarm went off at 5:30.

It's a rough day.

We're being very nonchalant about this new spate of accidents. As we tried to be during the (incredibly long and drawn-out) training stage. I suspect this relapse is fairly normal? He's also been fussing recently about me working and him having to go to daycare. He's been in this centre since he was 11 months old, and he's been really happy there with great friends and teachers. But he's been breaking my heart this week. What do you think? Are these things related?

No major changes in our lives. He has a change at school in that, since the school year started, some of his friends are now spending half the day at Junior Kindergarten, and he's not (January baby). I've asked his teachers and they say he hasn't been fussing about that. His 4 year-old girfriend (see post below) "broke up" with him a couple weeks ago. Again, doesn't seem fazed, but maybe it's bothering him? (How bizarre that I'm talking about my preschooler's relationship break up!!)

Anyway, my exhausted brain needed to get this out. Any ideas, commiserations, whatever, welcome :-)

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