Saturday, December 19, 2009

The BEST Christmas Gift Ever

My boys just gave me my favourite gift of this Christmas (well, other than the gorgeous oil painting by my friend, that I bought for myself on their behalf), although I'm not sure they're aware of it yet.

They gave me ... the gift of time.

Time to myself. A whole hour. A hot hot bubble bath with pretty soap and a glass of red wine and a fun book. (Kathy Buckworth's Journey to the Darkside, in case you're wondering)

And did you know, if you turn the bathroom fan up way high, it drowns out the screeches of brothers playing the "Get 'em!" game? (It's a loud one, trust me.)

So, freshly clean and refreshed, I'm off to get ready for the party we're attending this evening. Where we'll get cabs, and drink and eat, and someone else will have to clean up. Nice.

Be jealous. It's ok.

And don't hate me because I'm relaxed (at least for the next 2 and a half minutes until the 3 yo rediscovers me  ...)

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