Tuesday, December 01, 2009


Holy Crow. It's December already.  I think what with no snow falling, and the fairly mild November we've had, I've kind of been in denial.  But now there's only 23 days til Christmas Eve. Very exciting.

In spite of being in a fog about the passage of time, I'm actually in pretty good shape for the festivities this year. Just a few things to pick up for friends, and for my mother-in-law. (Still trying not to think about that one. The woman has everything!) Christmas cards aren't out yet, which isn't like me.  But, there's the little detail that I forgot to schedule the boys' photo shoot. And now I can't get a time that works for us. Bad Mommy.  I'll sit them in front of the fire place on Saturday and run the memory stick to Loblaw's for a quick print.  I have pre-paid for Little Boo's picture with Santa, so we'll do that maybe Thursday after work. Last year I had to bring him back a second time to see Santa and all the decorations in the mall. He can't wait for this year's visit!

Cookie exchange has happened, house is cleaned in prep for decorations this weekend, egg nog is in the fridge. Presents are being wrapped, carols are being sung, and the Christmas story books have been brought out for bed time reading.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas around here.  Even without any snow.

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