Thursday, January 07, 2010

Bakugan already?! Really?

Today's creative car conversation on the way home from daycare:

LittleBoo: "Mommy, I just turned our car into a robot. No! A giant Bakugan. The red one."
a minute later (weird noises): "I'm shooting so many cars Mommy. We're a bad Bakugan." (weird noises, now identified as 3yo gunfire)

Me: "Where did you hear about Bakugan?? Does someone at school have one?"

Little Boo: "Nope. I saw a commercial for them on TV."

Big sigh.

He is growing up so fast and is hard-wired mega-male. It's hard too to shield him from age-inappropriate toys and TV, since his big brother is 14 and much adored. Big guy really tries to make good choices around him, but things slip through. I just wish we weren't quite so enthralled with violent toys and fighting games these days.

Really missing Pooh Bear right about now ...

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