Saturday, January 16, 2010

Date Night

Since Little Boo has come around, hubs and I have had precious little grown-up time to ourselves. You see, my darling step-son is only with us part-time, so, until Little Boo, we were essentially part-time parents - at least as far as our social life was concerned.  Now our big guy is 14 and has shown himself to be (finally!) grown up enough to look after his little brother on his own. It's an amazing blessing for us. The kids get time together to bond and hang. And mommy and daddy get to go out. And eat. In a grown-up restaurant. With hot cloths. And no one needing an escort to the bathroom, or encouragement to eat what's on their expensive plate. Eating still hot food uninterrupted other than for the wait staff re-filling my glass of wine.



We went to Sagano in the Delta Toronto East for our joint birthday dinner (Jan 14 and 20).  We've been wanting to try it for a while, particularly as it is close to home and we have passed it so many times coming off the 401 at the Kennedy exit.  But tonight was the first real opportunity (babysitting gig #3). We were excited.

The third skirt I tried on actually fit. Well, I managed to zip and button it, and it didn't look too obviously too small. I reasoned that, given that I clearly needed to lose a couple (dozen) pounds, perhaps the tight waist would serve to curb my eating tonight. (It didn't.) Hubs said I looked good, so I went with it. (The diet starts Monday, honest.)

The meal was great. Thick fresh sashimi and sushi. Perfectly grilled beef and tender flavourful lobster. Yum. The shitake mushroom tempura was really tasty, and a nice texture. Service was attentive, and only a tiny bit slow towards the end of the meal. The miso soup had the fullest flavour and most tofu I've had anywhere. Delish! Of course we finished with green tea ice cream, which I adore. And there was much sake to be had throughout.

All in all it was a great meal and a great date night. We chatted uninterrupted by little questioning whining voices. No rice was thrown anywhere. No cries of "Yucky!! I don't like that! No!" were heard from any quarter.

Thank you darling step-son. That was a great birthday present you gave us! We're lucky to have you.

I think I could get used to this.


  1. I don't know when our next date night is coming but I'm looking forward to when it comes! Glad you had a great time. Happy Birthday.

  2. Thanks Marilyn for the comment and the birthday wishes. I hope your next date night comes really soon. I think we'd both forgotten how nice it is to go out just the two of us.


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