Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Mommy Kind of "Day Off"

I took a day off work today, because I needed to get a few things done. It is one of the definite benefits of being a "work-outside-the-home-mom" that  I can so easily have a day to myself, whether because I am sick or because I'm overloaded with errands.

I love daycare.

So, here's what I accomplished:

Wrote a blog post
Answered work emails (yeah, I know, but it'll be less to do when I get back)
Returned 2 months worth of bottles to beer store
Purchased, signed, addressed and mailed birthday card for grandmother
Deposited our birthday cheques into appropriate bank accounts
Bought necessary items at:
 -- Pet Store
 -- Food Basics
 -- M&Ms
Visited local fish store for tonight's dinner
Got Little Boo's JK "optional attendance" application signed at home school and delivered to requested school
Brought pants to seamstress for hemming (x2)
Planned meals through Saturday
Cooked chili for the freezer
Made sauce for lasagna for a friend
Got a hot stone massage, facial, and brow shaping (Well, at least part of the day had to be about me, right??)
Picked up Little Boo
Drank a big glass of vodka while writing a second blog post.

It's amazing how wonderfully accomplished I feel when I can run around and get these things done on my own, with no big or little boys to worry about.

Not much of a "vacation" day, but it's done wonders for my mental health.

I think I should go work on dinner now. Seeing as I planned it and all.


  1. Jen Woods12:15 pm

    Hi Mom2michael, do you have a current email address where I could reach you? I am interested in speaking to you about an opportunity to be included on our blog roll here at Mom Central Canada. Please email me with your address so I can be in touch. Thanks, Jen Woods, Activations manager, Mom Central Canada jen@momcentral.com

  2. Thanks for thinking of me Jen! I'll drop you a line now.


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