Sunday, January 10, 2010

My Baby is Turning 4

That's my little guy. Born Tuesday, January 10, 2006. 5:20pm. 5lbs. 2oz. Urgent C Section. 15 days in NICU.
It seems so long ago and yet only yesterday. Look! He used to fit in the bathroom sink!

Rough start or not, he has thrived. Still pretty skinny, but tall and smart and handsome.(But perhaps I'm biased.)  He has picked blueberries in the same field (behind my grandparents' house) where I picked them as a child. He's made great friends and learned to count to 20 and is working on a strong foundation for reading. He rides a scooter and loves the outdoors and helps me in the garden.

My little baby is growing up. We are far far beyond BabyTV, and almost out of Treehouse. He wants YTV now, or Nickolodeon. It's all about Spongebob and Fairly Odd Parents and Rollbots. Gone are the days of Pooh Bear and Wonder Pets marathons. He still likes them, but they don't hold the same appeal.

Now he's into video games and playing on the computer. He'll start Kindergarten this September. He's gaining confidence and independence and growing into a wonderful little boy. 

But I'm still nostalgic for the tiny baby. I am resolving to consciously treasure each moment with him and the wonders of watching him learn and grow. It all goes so fast. 

I think I'll spend a little extra time cuddling with him in bed tonight as he falls asleep.

Happy Birthday Baby!

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