Monday, February 01, 2010

Mondays Suck

I am supposed to be blogging about my first two weeks on the weight loss train. But I don't wanna. The scale and I are off speaking terms again for another 2 weeks. (I was really good! Honest. Clearly, just not good enough. I'll get there.)

Instead,  let's talk about Monday mornings at my place. I have never much liked Mondays. I mean, who does really? And after a weekend of unscheduled fun, toys, playing video games and watching movies and hanging out with Big Brother and Mommy and Daddy, well, my Little Boo HAAAATES Mondays. We always struggle to get him to daycare and it breaks my heart.

He started almost immediately with the "I don't want to go to school Mommy! Pleeease stay home with me." And the thing is? I only work outside the home because of the money. I totally agree with him that a day at home together is the best plan of all. But I grit my teeth and remind him how much he loves his friends and teachers and how much fun he has and blah blah blah. And it's all true.

But he still cries.

When we got there this morning we were a little early and there was only one teacher, who was already struggling with another tearful little boy. She made a valiant effort to help us too, but it was too much to expect from one person.

He clung to me. Then to his father. Then more to me. And he didn't cry. No, he just whimpered and whispered "Don't go."  When we eventually extricated ourselves, then the tears started. Another mom tried to help with distracting tickles. We had to leave him crying for us at the door to the room.

I was so close to running back for him and taking him home with me to read and cuddle and do crafts. That's what I'd rather be doing today. But I didn't. Because I can't. And it would teach him a bad lesson about getting his way with a few tears.  I absolutely know that he will have a great day today, as always. And I'll probably have to fight with him to get him away from his friends and into the car at 5pm.

But it still kills me, you know?

Anybody have any advice for this wannabe SAHM? (I've already bought my lottery tickets for the week ...)

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