Thursday, February 18, 2010

My Glamourous Life

It started as a Thursday morning like any other. 10 minutes pleading with the 4yo to get out of bed and ready for daycare. 30 minutes progressing to yelling at the 14yo to get his butt out of bed and dressed "OR WE"LL BE LATE!" You know, the usual fun of a family weekday morning.

Daddy is working at home today, so he got up towards the end of mommy's fun and watched with amusement. Thanks.

Finally got both boys in the car and all was much quieter and very happy and civil (they do wake up to be humans eventually). Dropped 14yo step-son off at his mother's to finish his school prep and meet his walking buddy and then Little Boo and I continued on our pleasant drive downtown.We hit campus, driving through and past my work to get him to daycare a few blocks away. And I'm feeling pretty good about myself and the great time I've made today, in spite of the rough start.

That's when it happened. This funny, liquid, gurgling, spewing sound from the back seat. You've got to be kidding me! Sooo close to having him passed off to his daycare teachers.

Out of the blue and out of his belly, and all over himself and his carseat. "I'm sick Mommy."

Short version - made a stop at my office to take care of a few things and clean him up. He charmed and flirted with everyone and got treats and seems really not sick at all. But vomit and daycare do not go together well. So back uptown we go.

And what is greeting me when I walk in? All over the rug? Cat puke.

Seriously. Welcome to the House of Puke. And my glamourous mom life.

Good thing I love them :-)

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