Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Well, I just finished writing out 22 Hot Wheels valentines for Little Boo's classmates.  He picked out which card each of his friends were to receive. I was pretty impressed he participated even that much at four years old. I found it funny that the girls all got the same one of the four designs. I wonder was it his least favourite? There were very few comments, although as we approached the names of the newer (younger) kids in his class you could see the interest waning.

A couple of comments confirmed long-standing issues are still in play. "Hmm. K is mean to me some times. But she can have this card. It's ok." And "N can have this card. But he might scratch it. I don't know." (Don't get me started on the scratch N inflicted on Little Boo's FACE that I was convinced was going to leave a scar for life. It didn't. All is forgiven.) And I learned that J is no longer his princess. But I didn't get a clear picture on what happened there.

There was only one card he actually signed his name to himself - the card for his "ex-girlfriend" (see post from last fall).  "S can have this card. I want her to have a nice card. Maybe she'll be my girlfriend again." He didn't sound sad, but maybe a little wistful. Young love can be so hard....

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