Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Wellness and Me

When I told Little Boo last nite I was going out to a doctor's appointment, he was concerned that I was going alone. Nobody would be there to "watch" me. I told him that big mommy kinda girls don't get scared about being alone or about doctors.

I changed my mind once I got there and started answering the seemingly endless questionnaires. Questions about how much I drink and how little I exercise. And then they started with the measuring and the weighing and the body fat percentages. Oi. Started to get a little nervous.

This was the "Wellness Assessment" my family doc prescribed for me. I'm still a little hazy on how I got so lucky, but I suspect it has something to do with my chronic pain and odd lingering complaints.

I found out I'm 1 inch shorter and 2 and a half pounds heavier than I had thought.(WTF?!) And my body fat percentage is 38.8. Which is above the recommended range of 21-34 for a woman my age, but not crazy off the scale. The kinesiologist also told me I have a very high instep and tend to fall in on my arches (this is not news, and actually explains much of my pain).

This morning I spent over half an hour filling in an online health risk assessment, which will be reviewed by staff at the clinic. And next week I go back to see a physiotherapist, a chiropractor,  and maybe even a naturopath. I think it won't be too long before they refer me over to the fitness centre side of the operation to meet with a personal trainer.

So, yes, Michael, this big mommy kinda girl is feeling a little afraid now. But I'm determined to get healthier and more energetic so I can be a better mommy and wife and me. I'm interested to see if my doc is actually on to something here with this wellness thing ...

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