Monday, March 01, 2010


Apparently my 4 year-old is now big and strong enough to open our fridge all by himself.  I asked him last night, kind of on a whim, "Sweetie, can you open the fridge do you think?" He looked pensive for a moment and then gave it a go. Success! "I can do it Mommy!"

"Super! So, can you please take out the cheese for your pasta?"

suh-weet. Help in the kitchen.  Let's ignore the fact that, rather than the jar of grated cheese, he grabbed two slices of Kraft cheese from the drawer and asked for a grilled cheese sandwich instead. Sigh. Point is - he can open the fridge himself so he can get a juicebox or grab some fruit, or help with dinner prep. I think this could turn into a good chore for him.

Our 14 year-old is responsible for setting and clearing the table and loading/unloading the dishwasher. Plus, taking out the garbage/recycling and feeding the cats. He helps with snow clearing and lawn mowing as well.

Little Boo takes in the green bin after garbage day (he loves doing this!) and is supposedly responsible for keeping his toys tidy (yeah...) He does locate and deliver things to help out when asked, and likes to fill the bird feeder. But I think it's time to start thinking of other simple things he can do around the house. I really believe that contributing to the household chores not only builds a sense of responsibility, but gives kids something to be proud of as well.

So, what do you think?  What chores have you assigned to your kids? What are their favourites? And, what chores do you think are appropriate for a pre-schooler?  Looking forward to your inputs!

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