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Mabel's Labels - Product Review`

I first heard about Mabel's Labels when I was pregnant with Little Boo, and I ordered my first combo pack when he was still an infant. I thought I was preparing for daycare, but the labels came in handy for his sippy cups at playdates and baby groups as well. I mean just how many Elmo cups can we have in this playgroup?!

I guess I must talk about my labels a lot, since Caitlin (@mabelhood) heard and asked me if I'd be willing to do a review for them. Well, doing a product review is a new experience for me, but I am really happy to have my first one be for a product that I think is so super! Full disclosure - I have received a free sampling of Mabel's Labels products for writing this review:

That's Tag-mates, Shoe Labels, and Skinny Minis. They also threw in some stickers and a magnet (which Little Boo claimed immediately).

All of his clothes are Mabel-Labelled for daycare. This was critical when he was in the infant and toddler rooms, but even in the preschool room, where he can identify his own clothes, it has come in handy. The daycare teachers love how easy it is to identify his sweater, or the new jacket he wears in on the first warm day of spring. Everything comes home!!  The same with his shoes - when he and another boy had the same sneakers, the big round labels with his name and a sweet firetruck design readily let him and the teachers know which ones belonged to him.

The shoe labels are a two-part set-up, with a clear label covering the name label for extra durability. Really easy to place into the bed of the shoe. We've had great success with these staying put over the years in spite of the wear and tear of little boy feet. There was one pair of sneakers that got washed a lot during potty training (oi!), and one of the labels did come out of those. And I've found that the labels do not stick well in his fake crocs, probably because of the texture of the shoe? Otherwise, they've been stellar - super sticky and long-lasting.

The Tag-Mates have been fantastic too!  I had started out with Mabel's iron-on clothing labels. They are bigger and easy enough to apply, but with how hectic my life has become since going back to work, I found the Tag-Mates to be a much simpler solution. These are quite small sticky labels that you can quickly apply on the run. You just stick them onto the garment care tag.  I love that they are small enough to fit even on those tiny tags at the side of "tagless" shirts. And I don't have to wait for my iron to heat up! I actually keep our package of Tag-Mates in one of Little Boo's dresser drawers (all labels come in protective plastic envelopes, with instructions), so I can label new clothes as we use them, rather than haul it all out and do it at once. The Tag-Mates survive the washer and dryer no problem and his clothes remain labelled as long as he's wearing them.

Beyond clothing, Mabel's Labels also helps toys, bottles, sippy cups, etc., find their way home. The Sticky Labels come in great, bright colours and are amazingly durable. I had cups wear out before the labels did!  Dishwasher, microwave - no problem for these labels!  And when he got a Leapster for Christmas this year - first thing I did was apply a Mabel's Label to keep it identified and safe. I am using the smaller Skinny Mini labels with just our family name to label plastic containers and casserole dishes that get loaned out or brought to a potluck from time to time.

Another great thing about Mabel's Labels? Not only can you choose from a selection of bright colours and personalise with whatever name you choose, but you get to pick from a huge selection of icons to decorate the labels and help young eyes to identify their belongings. Princess tiaras, stars, dinosaurs, fire trucks, race cars, an assortment of animals and sports motifs .. you name it! There's something for every kid here. Before Little Boo could recognise his name, he knew that the labels with the fire trucks meant an item was his.

This is a fantastic Canadian company, founded in 2002 by four mompreneurs. They saw a need in their own lives and developed a solution, as well as a career.  I have had great experiences using their labels. The value for money is super (for example - $21 for a pack of 75 Tag-Mates, or $18.50 to label 12 pairs of shoes) and the quality excellent. Check out their website for more products and to see all of their sweet designs!

Do you use Mabel's Labels? Which ones? Would love to hear how you use them and if you have any interesting or new ways to use them! Please let us all know in the comments :-)

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  1. Anonymous4:15 pm

    Hey Deb, I use Mabel's Labels too! We use the stickers and the iron ons to make sure all of Lily's stuff has come back home. I'm keen to try out the shoe labels since you are such an advocate. Initially I didn't think they'd work in a shoe but I'm going to order some and give them a try :)



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