Saturday, March 06, 2010


Clearly Spring has sprung. Rrrroll up the Rim is back (the first sure sign of Canadian Spring). And there are signs of life in my backyard.

These daffodils are always my first flowers. They are under the dryer vent, so warm up really early in the season. Seeing this little glimpse of green coming through the ground was so exciting and hopeful!

And the buds are big and full on our cherry tree.  The pussy willow is close to popping open all over. And the birds greet us every morning. It's all coming back to life!

We decided to start some seeds in peat pots today:
We've set cherry tomatoes, watermelon, and cosmos. Little Boo doesn't quite get that he's going to have to wait at least a week to see anything growing in that little greenhouse.  He asked three times within an hour if he could go see if the seeds were "ready."  Four year olds are not known for their patience.

Let's hope something grows in there and we have some success.

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