Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Have Preschooler, Will Travel

Today I got up super early (4:30am) to get ready for a trip to my home and family out east.  Why I booked the 7:25am flight out of Pearson, I will never know. (No, wait. It was because it was direct, and was about $100 less per ticket than the next direct flight.) Little Boo was very excited to travel on the big jet plane to go see his grandparents, so he didn't fuss when I woke him at 5:15, loaded him into his sweats, sent him to pee, and strapped him into the car with some juice and an english muffin.

Things were looking good.

Then I couldn't get the car seat uninstalled to bring with us. (Wait, why didn't we just take the one from the second car? Doh!) And the line-ups were insane. And he had to go poo. And we arrived at our gate (the very furthest one at the end of terminal 1) just as they were doing our priority crazy child pre-boarding. (Or is that crazy mom travelling alone with 4yo pre-boarding??)

So, we made it, but with some stressful moments, and I have to say that Michael was really good on the plane. For the first 2 hours. The last hour was a littany of "It's taking too long." and "I wanna go home!" We went through every Treehouse show on the seatback TV, and then moved on to Leapster. He wasn't interested in any of the other toys or colouring books we brought, or in any of the movies we could have put on his portable DVD.

This was much easier when he was younger and easier to distract. And why won't this kid just nap!? He is so afraid he is going to miss something.

The plane did arrive on time, and folks around us commented he was a good boy. We got our luggage, and waited for his car seat.

And waited.

And waited.

And then the conveyor belt stopped. Oi!

Checked with baggage services for Air Canada and apparently a whoooole bunch of fragile and over-sized stuff never made it on the flight and would be on its way later in the afternoon.


But, check this out - they had loaner gear there to get our kids safely to our destinations. The guy was completely nonchalant (a little more grovelling for forgiveness would have been nice actually) and asked "What do you need? Infant, car seat or booster?" Michael is still in a carseat, but is well over 40 inches, and just a little under 40 lbs, so I took a booster. Yes, I'm lazy. I didn't want to have to install two car seats today. The guy arranged for our seat to be delivered when it arrived, and then told me, "And that booster is yours to keep." Huh? Yup. Air Canada has just given me a brand new Evenflo booster seat with cup holder. For free. I'm kinda shocked. I mean, this doesn't make up for them delaying our car seat (it arrived 8 hours after we did), or for there being no breakfast items available on the 7:25AM flight. Or for having to pay $3 for a dry tasteless muffin. But it's something, and was completely unexpected. Even them having the back-up loaner gear was unexpected. You think this happens often? lol

So now we're here and the weather is better than it was supposed to be. And my dad let me have a nap while he took Michael to the playground. And now the preschooler is asleep and I'm relaxing with my parents. (Or blogging. Whatever. Same diff. Like when I was a teenager I guess.)

I think this will be a good two weeks!


  1. You are a brave mommy! Airports are terrible for mistakes & delays but at least they made up for it with the new booster like you said! Hehe loved the post :-) have a nice time!

  2. Brave or foolish? Not sure ... LOL
    Thanks :-)


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