Thursday, April 22, 2010

Majesta Paper Products

I've been participating in a really interesting group over on MomCentral these past few weeks. It's called Majesta Moms, and we've been talking about making environmentally sound choices around our homes, and learning about the environmental initiatives of Majesta paper products.

Majesta is a Canadian company, part of the Irving Group in New Brunswick.  Their paper products are made using virgin wood, i.e., NOT recycled. "Woah! Slow down," you say. "That doesn't sound very environmentally responsible." Well, in fact, Majesta talks about being "Treesponsible." They have made a tree-planting promise, and they plant 3 trees for every 1 tree that is used in the manufacturing of their products. That sounds pretty good to me. Sounds like responsible forest management. They in fact work in partnership with the Sustainable Forestry Initiative.

I'd never tried Majesta products before, so I was interested to dig into the big box of samples that I received. (Yes, disclaimer, I have received benefits from my participation in this program.) I have to say that the toilet paper and tissues were great and just as soft as my usual brands. Totally happy with them.  I found the paper towel to be "ok" but not great. It didn't seem as absorbent as my regular brand. Other group members did have a more positive take on the paper towels; everyone seemed happy with the toilet paper and tissues.  I really like that Majesta is a Canadian product and love the environmental consciousness of the company.

One activity we've done in the group is a shake-test, to show how Majesta toilet tissue breaks-down and is safe for septic systems. It was pretty impressive. Here are some pics from my test:

All set up for the shake test:
Take two bottles, fill each about 3/4 full of water.
Place 5 sheets of Charmin in one and 5 sheets of Majesta in the other.
Tighten caps and shake! (5 times)

Then freak out a little bit at the difference.
These are the bottles immediately after 5 shakes.
The one on the left is the Charmin - intact in a big glob.
The one on the right is the Majesta - already breaking down.

This is the Charmin a few minutes after the test - still a big glob. This paper did not break down at all.

And the Majesta a few minutes after the test - very fibrous and loose. Clogs be gone!

This post has gotten quite long, so let's just get to the contest.  Majesta is currently running a "Be Treesponsible" $15,000 green make-over contest. The $15,000 prize can be used towards any "green" home projects - landscaping, energy efficient appliances, renovations, etc.  For full details and to enter, click here. I've entered, and would just love to be selected as the winner. I have lots of ideas of what I could do with the money, but I think getting an energy audit done, purchasing more energy-efficient appliances, and dealing with some old, drafty windows are tops on my list.

I'd like to know your ideas too. What are some things you would do around your home to make some green improvements?  Please let me know in the comments.

Happy Earth Day!


  1. Hey! Followed you over here via Mom Central (Majesta Moms). Great post!!! I love that the Majesta toilet paper breaks up so quickly! Yay! No more clogged toilets! LOL!

  2. Another fellow Majesta Mom. Great post. I couldn't believe how the charmin stayed in one clump. I posted photos of my shake test too, and I did a second step not in the instructions as well.


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