Friday, April 02, 2010

My big boy

There are certainly a lot of milestones to enjoy and cry over as we raise our kids. First words, first steps, wiping their own bum at least semi-effectively. Well, today we witnessed another in our household. Little Boo rode his new big boy bike for the first time.

He picked this one out himself, because it's Hot Wheels.  It even won out over the Lightning McQueen bike he tried first.

He pedalled like a pro, and caught on to braking by back-pedalling with no problems. He sagely informed me that his bike has four wheels instead of just two, so that he won't fall over. And he rode all the way to the playground and back again. With a break of course to play on the swings and slides and climbers. And, another milestone - he can now climb up the chain ladder thingy to get to the top of the play structure. He is super proud of himself, and we're super proud of him too.

I have to admit I got a little emotional watching him take off on his bike (but believe me, I didn't get further than a few steps behind him at any point). There's just no denying that he's a little boy now, not a baby anymore.

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