Sunday, April 11, 2010

We love the Zoo

Living in Scarborough, with two kids, naturally we have a membership at the Toronto Zoo. We've been buying a family membership with the parking pass for years now, and it pays for itself on the third visit.  Well worth the cost, the Zoo is lots of fun, a great walk for exercise, and a great way to teach the kids about animals and nature and the environment. A fun family experience, that feels like a free activity once you have the membership card paid for (so it's great for those weekends just before pay day!)

Yesterday we had our first trip of the spring (late for us actually), and all four of us went. We did a short trip, just making sure to see the polar bears, spider monkeys (Little Boo's fave), jaguars, gorillas, and tigers. Next time around we'll do a different route and maybe take in Australasia and the komodo dragon (the Teen fave).

Little Boo made us stay with the spider monkeys for ages. He loves watching them jump around. They were grabbing handfuls of grass and eating it too, which he thought was really funny. Then two of them climbed up the cage and pooped. Yeah, nature is classy like that.

Here's an adorable little baby gorilla, named Nassir. He was born last September. He came right over to the glass to check us out. He was playing with a stuffy that he had torn apart. Mostly actually he was playing with the stuffing he'd pulled out. Mom was very attentive and kept a close eye on his whereabouts even as she was relaxing. At one point there was a ruckus elsewhere in the enclosure and she sprang into action, grabbing Nassir and running with him. She quickly determined there was nothing to worry about, so they settled in for a little nurse. SOOOO Cute.

And of course, no trip to the Zoo would be complete without a Beavertail. Good stuff.

The stingrays and sharks are back next month (May 22), along with horseshoe crabs this year. The sharks were disappointing last year as they didn't move at all. But we love the stingrays and are looking forward to going to see them again soon.


  1. Anonymous6:00 pm

    Our zoo (the Vancouver Zoo) isn't the greatest so we haven't been. I usually end up feeling sorry for the animals there and I'd rather not support that (they've been investigated by the SPCA a few times). I have plans to take my son to the Calgary Zoo in the fall when we're out that way though. It should be interesting to see what he thinks of all the big animals that he's only see in books.

  2. Oh dear! I'm sorry to hear that about the Vancouver Zoo. When I first moved to Toronto and hubs wanted to take me and DSS to the Zoo here, I was very hesitant. I don't think I knew much about zoos really, but I had a pretty negative gut reaction. I've been really impressed though with the conservation initiatives and education programs here and the enclosures all seem at least to be appropriate (how would I know I guess). I hope you and your son have a great time at the Calgary Zoo! (and thanks for commenting :-)


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