Saturday, April 17, 2010

Working on the Weekend

I work in medical school admissions. It's really a neat area, and I get to work with stunningly overachieving, smart, interesting students. But we do interviews for admissions, and most of them are on weekends. So I work at least 3 full weekends each year. Doesn't sound so bad, right? And I get time off in lieu. But the days are truly exhausting and this year it's been particularly hard. Because Little Boo doesn't like me working at all, let alone on weekends. And he's been fairly vocal in his disapproval.

This week I heard him talking to Daddy, who was telling him "Only one more day of school until the weekend! And then we'll have a fun Daddy-son day cuz Mommy is working." His response "No!!! The weekend is when we are all home TOGETHER. I don't want Mommy to work. Not fair!"

And yeah, it kinda feels "not fair." But it's the way it is. I called home earlier and they went to swim lessons and are playing games and everything is fine. But hearing him say those words, it just makes me sad.

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