Tuesday, May 18, 2010

How do Work at Home Moms Do It??

We all have colds here just now. I'm blaming the air travel and skanky, shared, re-circulated air. Hubs and Little Boo were both in bed coughing up their lungs yesterday. Today it was just Little Boo. Hubs and I are hanging on by a thread, but hanging on nonetheless.

We got up this morning and got ready for work and I woke Michael. And one look at his little red-rimmed goopy eyes told me he was going nowhere today.

So, what do two parents do who both work outside the home? We check our calendars and compare notes and debate whose day is less important. Or at least easier to skip out on.  This morning's debate was fairly easy since I had only one, easily re-scheduled meeting, and I was feeling pretty crappy too. I just needed an excuse to not go in.

Luckily we are both in positions where we are able to stay home when needed. We are supported by our employer and equipped with laptops to work from home in a pinch. (Another day I'll talk about how this has completely tanked my work-life balance.) I don't know how parents without this type of support do it.  Maybe they have different supports, like nearby family or close friends who can pitch in and babysit. Ideas?

At any rate, I stayed home with a supposedly sick 4yo. I say supposedly, because, for the most part he did not "act" sick all day. Lots of running around and pleas for attention. But he looked like hell and sounded worse. And I still had to work.  I think I was pretty productive all things considered, but boy is it ever hard to work with a kid in the house. How do work-at-home moms do this?? Is it only possible if your kids are in school? I have to admit that the only reason I got as much done as I did was that I completely threw all screen-time restrictions out the window. Video games, TV, movies. Whatever kept his attention. And I have to say I was happy with him watching TV/movies at least. I set him up in our bed with some water and strawberries and the DVD remote. And he lay there quietly and got some rest for a couple of hours, if not actual sleep. He is a really active little kid and getting him to stay still is next to impossible usually.

But he needed rest today. And I needed to get work done. So I lowered my standards. Am I a bad mom for that? I don't think so. We do what we've gotta do to get through the day.

Keep your fingers crossed for me that we are all well enough to get out of here tomorrow morning and get off to our regularly scheduled lives. I need an office break!

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