Friday, May 21, 2010

Memories of Japan

The restaurant that is. I've never been to the country.

It was my step-son's 15th birthday on Saturday. And just what the heck can you get for a 15 year-old boy?! Like, nothing. Nothing we buy would be "right." So we gave him gifts cards - ITunes and FutureShop. He is planning to spend this evening with his dad downloading music. And I expect a trip to FS this weekend will be in order as well. He's also got grandparent money burning a hole in his pocket after all

Basically, I think this is as good as it can get for a teenaged boy. We got him an IPod Nano for Christmas, and he's got all the game systems and a phone, and what-not that he might want. There is no way I could buy him clothes anymore. I am just not cool enough. Or whatever kids call it these days. (God I sound old.)

The other thing we did was to take him out to dinner tonight at his favourite restaurant, Memories of Japan. Do you know it? We like to call it "the Swiss Chalet of Japanese restaurants." Nothing fancy, just good food at reasonable prices in a nice atmosphere for families. Most importantly, they have teppan cooking tables. Fantastic entertainment value for the kids. The chef in his tall white hat basically lights lots of stuff on fire and tosses food and knives in the air. Well, maybe not knives, but other utensils for sure. I like it when they catch an egg in their hat. (Didn't get that tonight). The boys like the flames, especially the onion volcano. Now, if you haven't seen one of these, it is definitely worth the trip. The chef stacks up a pyramid of thick onion slices and then pours oil in the middle and lights it on fire. Too cool. Or hot. Whatever.

Teen boy enjoyed his meal of sushi, lobster and steak. Yum. And at the end the chef asked if he wanted some shrimp. Naturally he said yes and the chef tossed it through the air into his mouth. A perfect hit! Then he did the same for hubs. And got him in the eye. (I kinda suspect he was aiming there, for the boys' benefit.) Tee hee! The little guy was laughing his ass off.

We finished the meal off with green tea ice cream, which we all love. I`m so happy the kids have interesting palates. 4yo we are still working on some basics, but I love that he chose green tea over vanilla.

Of course, throughout this meal, I was passing notes to hubs so he could order for me. You see, I have laryngitis. And I gotta say, it's not a lot of fun going out to a noisy restaurant (remember, I said it was family-friendly) when you can't speak above a whisper. I really hope my voice comes back soon. I suspect my family is happy with it the way it is ...

What is your favourite restaurant to visit with your kids? (McDonald's doesn't count) Let me know in the comments - would love more ideas.

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