Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mother's Day

Hey! Remember me? I used to blog here. Before I went off to a two-week conference vacation thingy.

It's hurting my head actually. Where to begin? Preschooler exploits? The plane trip home? Crappy Newfoundland weather?

Let's talk about Mother's Day.

Just to be clear, I love my home in Newfoundland. Year-round. Honest. But would I choose to vacation there in late April/early May?? No way.  It rains. It might snow (it did a bit). It's damp and chilly and generally not great for enjoying the fantabulous Newfoundland outdoors. But my annual work conference was to be held in my hometown of St. John's. And it was to occur immediately before Mother's Day. And I haven't spent Mother's Day with my mom in 10 years.

Seriously, what was I to do? Obviously I was going to extend my trip to spend the day with Mom. But then, I needed my 4yo to be with me. And then hubs didn't want to miss out. So it became family vacation. (We didn't bring my teenaged step-son, as we didn't want to take him out of school.) It was fun.

It was really nice to spend Mother's Day with my Mom.  We took both my parents out to dinner the night before to celebrate both Mom's and Dad's Days. (I simply cannot go back next month!) And my sister-in-law cooked dinner on Sunday, for Mom's Day and for my nephews 7th birthday. A really nice family celebration with great food and lots of love.

Mother's Day morning I woke up a little late, alone. I listened to the household noises, wondering if I might get a visit from my son. And then I heard the "shh! shh!" and in he came.  My sweet Little Boo came running in and said "Happy Mother's Day, Mommy. I love you!" And he gave me my cards and gift and a big kiss. So wonderful!   Hubs picked out a spa gift package. I get to choose a set package from a catalogue of different spas. I am really looking forward to the pampering!

My mom seemed pleased with her flowers and jammies and the fact that we were there. I'm glad it all worked out this way.

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