Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Soccer monsters

It's official now. I have arrived at true mom-dom. Not only do we have the mini-van. We just had our first "rush-uptown-from-work-feed-the-kid-in-the-car-gotta-get-to-soccer-practice" experience.

We were 15 minutes late.

Turns out soccer practice was 30 minutes long.


But Michael had a blast and didn't seem to mind the short time on the field. And what's more - he actually listened to his coach. I had tried to make it clear to him that, unlike the way he (cough) "listens" to us, if he wanted to learn soccer like he said he did, he would have to listen to his coach. And he did it. He paid attention to her and followed her around. And when she first called out "Team Holland!! Over here please!" He was the first (and only) to go to her. The rest of the team responded on the second or third call. Believe me, I only mention this because it is so hugely unusual for our Little Boo to be the first one there.

And I didn't even know he'd remembered that he was on Team Holland. Cool. (Maybe he does listen a little to me after all?)

So he loved it and can't wait to go back tomorrow for his first game. Against an actual other team. Not that either team of 4 and 5 year olds will know too much about what they're supposed to be doing. But that's not the point. They'll have fun, and the parents will be amused.

The only thing that annoys me is the whole snack culture around this.  We have a snack schedule for the team. Goodness knows the coach is only trying to do what is expected of her. But why can't we just all look after our own kids' snack needs? Or not? Why do they need a snack? Especially at a 30 minute practice at 6pm. when they're going home to dinner, or just ate?

I had first snack, which was stressful. I picked up and discarded I don't know how many drink and snack items at Metro on Sunday. Will this be ok? Is there too much sugar? Too healthy for the kids to like? Has it touched peanuts? Of course, going first, I was also setting the bar, so I wanted to not set it too high (I do get two more turns this summer after all.)  I went with juice packs that contained actual juice, and mini Bear Paws. No parent ran screaming, and the kids all seemed to be happy. But really, was it necessary? I'm not sure any of them actually expended any calories on the field tonite. And I'd like to poll the other parents on whether or not they ate dinner afterwards, or if, like my guy, they had eaten on the way and didn't really eat the snack (better)?

What do you think? Is this team snack thing necessary? Helpful in some way? Something we should fight against? Please leave a comment with your thoughts. And if you're on Facebook and aren't into this soccer snack thing, check out a new group Parents Who Dislike Snacks in The Middle of Kids Soccer Games, which grew out of a lively Twitter discussion tonite. Tell them I sent you ;-)


  1. partymomma10:45 pm

    Our soccer is an hour, 7-8pm and you practice first and play right after. 30min practice, 30min game.

    They have water breaks usually 3 times, more if extremely hot. For the past 3 years it has been a snack at the end of the game. And yes parents always took turns. A coach told me once it was to build team spirit. It was always a prepackaged item. I didn't mind as we grabbed a snack and headed home. They earned it by running for an hour.

    This year things changed. Now they do snack in teh middle of the game and its fruit. They take kids off the field to sit down and start eating fruit. This took 10 minutes from a 30minute game WITH rotations. My son might have played 10 minutes not including practice...

    I was not impressed and emailed the coach who did change it to the end. My other son's team still eats mid game. I emailed his coaches today but they are 15 year old kids and I am not sure they will listen or know what to do with my feedback.

  2. Breaking up the game like that seriously doesn't make sense. I can imagine getting them all straightened up and back on the field must be a bit of a trial.

    Water breaks are critical, or maybe just reinforcing water when they're rotated off. But stopping a short game for a fruit break is wild.


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