Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Adventures in Mommyhood ... and pee

Somedays our commute is longer than others. This is especially true when it rains. For some reason, the slightest amount of rain and seemingly the entire population of Toronto forgets how to drive. It's mindboggling. But that's not the point here today.

The point here today is that an extended trip home from daycare, trapped in a traffic jam, is just simply not a good situation for a four-year old bladder.  Especially when it's raining and water is all around. (And especially when Daddy does the pick-up, which basically means Little Boo did not go to the bathroom before getting in the car. What is up with that?)

We are stuck firm in traffic, moving nowhere, and the painful little whine comes from the backseat. "I have to go pee!!!!"  No amount of trying to calm him or convince him he can hold it is going to cut it today. The kid clearly is in crisis.

So the parents jump into action. What to do? We're not really moving, but we're moving enough we can't stop and pee on the sidewalk. (Gross!) Let him just pee in his shorts and soak his booster? (Too messy, uncomfortable and unhygienic) Heeey. There's some coffee cups. "No!" says Daddy "What about his sippy cup?"

"Do you see any cops around?? No?"

And Mommy to the rescue. Off comes the seat belt, climb into the back.  Maneuver the shorts and undies off without unbuckling the kid. (I mean, we're going like 2 miles an hour, and it's fine for me to be unbuckled, but I do have my limits.)  Uncap the sippy cup, and point his little guy in. Away he goes!

Damn near filled the thing.

I was getting worried.

We made it out to be an adventure, and although he initially protested ("But we only pee in the toilet!!") he did seem to find it amusing once he got going. I just hope he doesn't make a habit of this.

So, do you have some fun road trip or bad commute stories to share? What kind of craziness have you gotten into in the mini-van to avoid the crisis? (And remember, this is a family show...)

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