Sunday, June 06, 2010

Garage Sales

Have you ever tried to have a garage sale with a 4yo in tow? Better, have you ever tried to have a garage sale with the 4yo, where you were trying to sell his baby toys? No? You're smarter than me then.

Last Saturday was the annual community garage sale day in our neighbourhood. It's always a good time, and I try to go back and forth between selling and visiting each year. This year was a selling year. I had piles of housewares to pass on and a bunch of old electronics belonging to hubs. It felt like a good purge.  And I was totally getting into the purging spirit and found myself looking around the crawlspace thinking, "What else can I sell??"

And I found a couple boxes of baby toys and bottles and general feeding gear. Pretty sure we're not going down that road again, so I dragged it up Friday night to the living room staging ground. But, when Little Boo woke up Saturday morning, totally exited for the sale, he was not so impressed to see his rattles and teether in the sell pile.

Holy poop. Things he hasn't even seen in two years were suddenly his favourite toy ever.  So, we kept some things back and negotiated the rest to go. At least now there's only one small container of special things to save.

The garage sale itself was strange.  Very few of his baby toys and not much household stuff sold.  Though lots of folks were looking and we weren't asking a lot. (I just wanted it all gone!)  But still, we made over $200 on old old old electronics.  Reel-to-reel machines and old amplifiers. Don't get me wrong, I am glad it's out of my crawlspace, but I really don't get why anyone wanted them.

My  #1 rule of a garage sale is "Nothing comes back in the house!" And I almost stuck to this.  There were still a few big ticket items (bed rail, fish tanks, the biggest reel-to-reel) that we brought back in to try to sell on craigslist. Everything else went to charity (divided amongst the Salvation Army Thrift Store, Diabetes Association Clothesline, and a local shelter), or a few things I sold at Once Upon a Child.  So I think, in addition to our purge and the bit of cash, our garage sale did some good.

The best part of the day is the social aspect. I met neighbours I've never met before, had friends stop by, and a dear friend hung out and helped from 9am on til after noon. Little Boo and Daddy went out shopping and he got some new toys to replace the ones we sold and they had some nice bonding time.  I'm not sure when I'll participate on the selling side again. It is truly exhausting. But we did have a super day. I totally recommend having one.  Michael's friend across the road even set up a lemonade stand with cupcakes, which is a great way for a kid to make a few coins and get to chat with other kids coming by.

I'm going to go stare lovingly at my newly purged crawlspace now ...

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