Saturday, June 26, 2010

My New Toy

I first really started hearing about e-readers on Twitter.  People were all a-buzz about the Kindle around Xmas.  And I just kept thinking, "But why would I want to give up the tactile aspect of holding my lovely books?"

I really didn't get how this could be a positive reading experience. I mean, I hate reading anything on my computer. I'm famous for printing out pdf's at work. How could I possibly enjoy reading off that little screen??

But over time listening to others talking about their e-readers, and having my book clubs choose big bulky hardcover volumes, I started to think "Maybe..."  So, I was out one night and came across a display of the Sony models. And I held them. And read a few pages on them.

And OMG it was great! The device felt great in my hands. And it was easy to read, and would fit in my purse. I could now read anywhere, on a whim!

So, after seeking advice and doing some research, I dove in and chose to purchase a Kobo e-reader from Chapters-Indigo. I liked the quilted back (nice and soft, not like holding a computer), the range and number of books available, and especially the price.  At $149, this was definitely the least expensive option, but had everything I needed. (The touch screen on the high end Sony model was tempting, but not necessary.)

I ordered the white version (ivory?) because it was reported to ship in 1-3 weeks instead of the 4-6 weeks for the black model.  I added a GelaSkin ($19.99) to protect the finish and keep it clean. It was worth the extra $20 to get my toy quicker!  I placed the order online on Sunday, and the Kobo arrived on Thursday. Super turnaround time!

The Kobo arrived with 100 classic (read "out of copyright" I guess) books pre-loaded. Pretty cool.  Basically anything an English major should have read is on there. (I started my e-reading with Kafka's Metamorphosis.) The instructions said to plug the Kobo in to my computer to charge it and download the software.  But the device turned out to be charged already.(Bonus)

Once connected (usb cable) the software download was a breeze. Then to purchase a book, open the software, browse the shop by category, or search for a title or author. Click to buy and download, then sync with your device. Easy-peasy.   When the shopping site works. I've had mixed results with purchasing, with error messages coming up at the transaction processing stage a couple of times. Not sure what the issue is, as the messages aren't specific, like "site down for maintenance" or something.

The Kobo itself has 1GB of memory, and each book is approximately 1MB, so, room for about a 1000 books they say (give or take). The display can be set at 5 different font sizes, and serif or sans-serif, to suit your preference and eyesight.  The interface is straightforward and easy to navigate. I love that it saves your place in your book, so when you turn it on again, it opens to your last page. And it's lovely that when you turn the device off, the display shows the cover of the book you are reading.

And isn't it cute that it comes in a box designed to look like a book in a sleeve?

It's attractive, small, comfortable to hold, easy on the eyes to read. It lives in my purse and has already entertained me in a few waiting rooms.  I'll be bringing it to the cottage next week, for reading by the water. All-in-all, I am in love with my new toy!

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