Tuesday, July 13, 2010

"Bugs are Nature, Mommy" or How we unplugged ... briefly

First, a confession. We are a very wired family. I honestly don't know how many computers are in this house (but do know there are 5 active, including two work laptops). And both kids are adept at video games. Yes, even the four year old (if you wish to debate my lax parenting methods, please drop me a private line). Both Mommy and Daddy are techno-geeks, and computers, the internet, movies, are all pretty important to us. So it makes sense that they are to our kids too. We do try to balance screen time with active time ... for the kids at least.

Well, Mommy was having palpitations in late June. Anticipating four days with no Internet. No Twitter. No Facebook. No Email. (in that order) I wasn't sure I would make it. It really was a cold turkey experience for me, but it was great! After all, we were spending those days in the sun, on a river, with superb friends.

We sat and chatted and drank and ate and splashed and tubed and had campfires and s'mores. We even did Canada Day fireworks and sparklers with the kids. We slept in tents and didn't shower and got covered in bug bites (no sunburns though!)

It was truly relaxing.

But you know what? I kept finding myself composing tweets in my head. And wanting to share a particular comment or event with a friend through FB. My mind seems to now be wired that way.

When Michael saw and held his first garter snake. (So cool! "It wriggles Mommy!")
When we caught our first frog (but not the 1400th)
When the boys came back from their canoe trip with a turtle by Michael's feet.
And especially when I encountered (and almost touched) my first dock spider. (Those things are gi-normous!!!!! Ick Ick Ick!)

All of these created in me an instinctive urge to share. Electronically. But, you know? I shared them with the folks who were there. And I managed to get some photos so we can have the memories.

And it was all good. Hubs was pretty proud of me. He thinks I'm an online addict.

Plus, you know, I'm telling you all now anyways :-)

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  1. I hate when my internet connection goes down but living here you kinda get used to things not working all the time. Thankfully it's very seldom my internet. Good for you making it through four days unplugged.

    Cheers :-)
    - Rainforest Mommy


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