Friday, July 23, 2010

Love, Loss, and What I Wore

I was very lucky recently to have won a great giveaway from amotherworld - tickets to Love, Loss and What I Wore, at Toronto's Panasonic Theatre. (Thanks Maria and LLWIW!!)  I went on Tuesday night and hooked up with the Yummy Mummy Club contingent afterwards, which led to a really fun after show gathering.

The show itself was fantastic. Very real and moving and hilariously funny.  Written by Delia and Nora Ephron and based on the book by Ilene Beckerman, the show recounts very personal stories of women and how clothing and body image are entwined in our experiences and memories.

I wasn't sure at first if I would enjoy the stage reading approach taken with the show. The five actors sit on stools on a bare stage with their scripts in front of them. But with those extremely talented ladies up there, it was easy to forget where you were and fall into their stories.  The show was really well choreographed and timed and the actors all played off and with each other excellently.

My favourite vignette was probably Andrea Martin's monologue on purses. I thought I would pee myself I was laughing so hard! And I immediately wanted to go home and clean out my own purse to see how much of the junk she mentioned I actually have. Finding a purse that works for you and then keeping it in organised working order is a huge trial (haven't found that purse yet myself) and this piece just felt so real.

Stories of breast cancer, divorce and identity crises mix with diatribes against fitting rooms and hilarious takes on bra fittings. Love, Loss and What I Wore takes the audience from high to low and back again over 110 minutes that seem to fly by.  There were mostly women in the audience it is true, but the guys there seemed to be enjoying it too.  The young guy sitting next to me was laughing as hard as I was!

Love, Loss and What I Wore stars Louise Pitre, Mary Walsh, Andrea Martin, Sharron Matthews, and Paula Brancati in its first cycle, running through August 7. A second cycle, with a new cast, will run Aug 10-Sept 4.

I wasn't asked to review this show, I'm just chatty and enjoyed the show myself, so I wanted to share.  I think this would be a great piece of a fabulous girls' night out.  Recommended!

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