Monday, July 26, 2010

Reading Skills - the good stuff

Little Boo is learning to read. Hubs thinks this is pretty wild at 4 and a 1/2, but it's when I started, so it can't be that unusual.  At any rate, he really actively wants to learn how to read. For the last year about he's made a habit of asking us what different words are when he sees them, and he loves to make a game of listing off words that begin with a particular letter. We have to read out almost every sign to him that we pass. We've always read to him, and I have made a habit of pointing out words in books as I say them. And we ask him to guess at words and sound them out with us. So I guess it's just all starting to come together for him now.

He can read a lot of two and three letter words, we know.

I found out yesterday that he can read not only my first, but my last name as well (it's not the same as his).

I also found out yesterday that he knows the word "party." Specifically, I had Twitter open, and there was a tweet from PartyMummy on the screen. And he crawls into my lap and reads out "'Party Mummy.' That's funny momma!"

Then today. This was riot. And/or a little embarrassing.  He asked for a drink in the car and I passed him back a juice box.  I didn't say what it was. He looks at the box and reads, "Peach Cocktail." Cocktail.

Yup, that's my son alright. "Party" and "Cocktail" Important words to know around here I guess :)

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