Thursday, July 29, 2010

School Days ...

Here it is the end of July, and the stores are packed tight with Back-to-School gear. Yup. Been there a while already. And the summer clothes are moving to the discount racks and long sleeves and pants are heading back to the front displays.

Sad really, for a gal who loves summer so.

But perhaps the saddest part is that this back-to-school season marks the first school year for Little Boo.  I mean, he's been in daycare since he was 11 months old, but there's something different about Kindergarten.  It's real school. And it signals that he is growing up fast and the baby years are behind us.

Since his daycare is in a school, he will just stay there for junior kindergarten as well. So, he knows the school and most of his classmates and the teacher already.  Not a big transition for him. He'll just be walked down the hall about 50 feet each afternoon. No biggie.

Well, a bit of a biggie, since he's happy to be one of the "big kids" now, and sharing this JK/SK thing with them.

We did his orientation a couple of months ago, and he was super delighted to be in the kindergarten room playing and exploring.  They sent him home with a big bag of "getting ready" gear:

I read through the things he should be working on, and felt quite pleased that he had most of them down already. Academically speaking at least.  But I was a little concerned about the personal skills he was going to need.

Like wiping his own butt.
Snapping up his pants.
Zipping up his jacket.
Putting on his own shoes. (wait, no, that one's ok)

Perhaps I've not been encouraging him enough in these areas?  Focusing too much on his counting and letter recognition and printing?

But I apparently shouldn't have worried. With a little encouragement, and at times some refusal (mine) to do these things for him, he's coming along nicely.  He now goes #2 all by himself just as well as he's been going #1 since last fall. He's conquered the doing up of a couple different styles of pants. And the coat is well under control.


It does kind of discourage me that the JK teacher isn't allowed to touch him, essentially. These kids are still oh so little in so many ways, and they really need the touching and hugging still. But it seems it's not allowed. She can't even do up his pants for him if he can't do it. (I had pictured a whole wardrobe of sweatpants for this fall.) It's a sad world.

But, he'll still have his daycare teachers to love him and cuddle him and tickle him when he needs or wants it. So I think he'll be just fine.

But will Mommy be fine? Only time will tell. Sept 9 - be thinking of me!!


  1. Oh I will be thinking of you! That first day of school is truly harder for the Mommy then the babies. Sounds like he is well prepared so no worries!!

  2. Thanks! I know he'll be fine, but I think this milestone will require some hand holding for me :-) Been masochistically watching his baby videos lately.

  3. Hi there! I just found you through Follow Me, I'm Canadian, and I'm now following!

    It's always nice to find a fellow Ontario blogger, and your content is great. My firstborn heads off to JK this fall as well, but at least I teach at the same school, so I can keep an eye on her. (Might be a blessing, might be a curse!)

    Have a great day!

    Kate @ This Mom Loves

  4. It is tough..especially that first day! Lol. We will be thinking of you! :) Thanks for joining FMIC and posting the badge! Have a fantastic day!


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