Wednesday, August 25, 2010

JK Here We Come

Little Boo is getting pretty excited to start Junior Kindergarten.  He'll get to walk down the hall from preschool every day after lunch, right before the little ones go down for their nap. (He hates nap time.) He'll be one of the "Big Kids."

Big fun!

The other day he came home from preschool and decided it was time to get ready for the big move to Kindergarten.  He grabbed his new pencil case (picked it out himself) and started choosing all the things he was going to "need."  He carefully went through his craft drawers and filled it as follows:

1 sparkly green pencil with feather on top
1 Pokemon marker
6 other washable markers
3 erasable coloured pencils

Yup, sounds good to me :-)


  1. Anonymous9:37 pm

    Wow, it's here already! Does he start after labour day or sometime next week?

  2. They do staggered starts, so his first day is actually Sept 9. Coincidentally our 10th anniversary. Big day around here! We'll definitely be going out to celebrate that evening :-)

    TDSB starts classes the Tuesday after Labour Day though.

  3. I have a little one starting J/K thsi year too. He has a big brother in Grade 2 and is very excited to leave his daycaare to join him at big school. They have their backpacks all packed and ready...right beside mine. (going to college full time for next 2 years)

    I can't wait for the first day of school and to hear about all the new friends he will be making :)

  4. Exciting times in your house for sure! What will you be studying?


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