Monday, August 16, 2010

Mommy Mondays - My turn baby

I've decided to try something, which may or may not exist elsewhere in the blogoshpere.  I'm declaring Mondays as "Mommy Mondays."  On Mondays I will make an extra effort to create a new post, and it will focus on me and my life as a woman trying to find the balance among all my varied roles. And a pretty critical (and time consuming) one of those roles is Mommy. But I have recently been putting a lot of effort into finding "Me" again, so, Chatty Cathy that I am, let's talk about it!

What do you think?  There's alliteration, so I thought it might catch on.  Am I inadvertently stealing an existing meme?  Let me know!!!

My inaugural post (ahem. sounds so profound hey?) will be about a topic near and dear to our womanly hearts (literally). Yup, I'm going to talk about the girls. How they change, and how little we might know about them.

I have always been flat small-chested.  Maybe an A cup if I was lucky. And retaining water. I had a couple of friends with whom I'd joke that at least I'd never sag!

Yeah right.

20 years, 40 pounds, and a baby nursed for 16 months later ... yup. They're sagging. That'll teach me.

It was kind of exciting during pregnancy, as my breasts grew and blossomed and I knew they were preparing to feed my growing child. And they looked great (if I do say so myself). I went from a 34A to a 38C at the height of nursing.  Now, I paid for this new voluptuousness. With pain. Masses of pain. The whole first half of my pregnancy I slept in a tank top with a built-in bra that was slightly too small, just to keep them still and let me sleep. The slightest glancing touch was agony.

And I don't even want to get into engorgement and mastitis. More fun was to come apparently.  But my breasts did feed my child for just about 16 lovely months. And at some point they stopped leaking and I could  go out in public again.

But after the nursing, a distressing thing happened.  I knew they'd lose some of their new-found size (still not all that impressive really, but for me kinda exciting). But I was saddened to see how they dropped. Suddenly I have to wear a bra all the time. I didn't used to. And suddenly that bra actually has to provide real support.

I honestly didn't think that would ever happen to me. (Yay! kinda ...)

So, after a few years (yes I'm slow) of randomly trying on different styles and sizes at the department store, I took the plunge last week and treated myself and my girls to a professional bra fitting. I felt so decadent! I went to Secrets From Your Sister on Bloor St, and Regan was my shopper/fitter. And she was terrific. She measured me and asked what size I was wearing, then told me how wrong I was.  First bra she brought to me for sizing? 34DD. You heard that right. I still think they fib on the sizes to make us feel better ;-)  But once she got me into the bra properly and worked her magic adjusting the straps ... it fit! Like a glove. Amazing.

It was really enlightening to go through the professional fitting and try so many different cup styles and see what worked best for my size and shape.  And I have to say, there was always a moment when she had adjusted the first side, and the other strap was still too long, and the difference from one side to the other was incredible.  Both in look and level of comfort.

So, I went in there wearing one size and came out with 2 gorgeous bras two cup sizes larger. And they fit and they lift and they support. And I feel so much more comfortable. And prettier too. And I never ever in a million years would have tried those sizes on my own. But now I look at me in my old bra and I can see that it doesn't fit, that it doesn't provide the support and coverage I need.  I couldn't see that before, because I couldn't get my head around that letter.

I did this just for me, to help me grab back a bit of my girliness, and to get a little special pampering.  And I can't recommend it enough!!

Get fitted. Get some great bras that look and feel beautiful and give you the support you need and deserve.


  1. Anonymous11:08 pm

    Good for you! It is amazing what a good bra can do for not only your appearance but how you feel as well.

  2. I am loving how secure and perky I feel now :-) It really is amazing. Particularly for someone who barely needed a bra for so many years!

  3. thanks for this fantastic post! This comment is so so common: "couldn't see that before, because I couldn't get my head around that letter."

    A 38C is the same cup as a 36D or 34DD. The cup and back work like a ratio. So actually, a 38C is a much larger bra (if you hold up that 38C and 34DD against eachother you'll see what we mean). Anyhow, you know this now!

    We're so happy you came. Thanks again!
    -secrets from your sister

  4. Anonymous11:38 am

    Great post Deb! I’ve thought about getting sized but never had the guts to go. I can’t wait to see your girls with their new makeover! :)

  5. Good for you! Thanks for joining us! Have a great day!


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