Saturday, August 07, 2010

No-Go BlogHer Blog Hop

It's the most exciting weekend of the year ... for bloggers. It's BlogHer10 in New York City and so many wonderful, fabulous women are there learning and sharing and feasting and swagging. And tweeting about it all.

And where am I? Home in Scarborough looking on.  Sigh.

But that's ok.  We're having our own fun on the homefront.  Maria from hosted a terrific Twitter party on Thursday night for those of us not attending BlogHer. (Search it with #notgoingtoblogher) And I believe there's another Twitter party planned for tonight.

Then, I came across this blog-hop, and although I'm a bit late to the game, I thought I'd join in here too.  So, according to the organisers, To.Be.Thode. and Musings of a Marfan Mom, there are four questions to be answered:

  1. When did you start blogging?
  2. Why did you start blogging?
  3. What is one thing you are going to do this week that is WAY cooler than going to BlogHer?
  4. Share a post that you think says a lot about you or is your favorite.  (share the link in YOUR post so we all can see)
So, without ado, the answers ...

I started this blog back in 2006, when I was on mat leave.  I thought it would be a good way to process some of the stuff I was going through and to connect with other new moms. I'd probably even share it with my far-flung family so they could keep up on what was going on over here.  I made exactly ONE post.  


So, last year, I again felt the urge and somehow managed to remember where I'd started a blog, found it, remembered the password, and dove in. So, I think it's fairest to say I started blogging about a year ago. 

I have a lot of different motivations for blogging.  I still want to share experiences as a mom, to connect with others.  I also love sharing info and passing on my opinions and recommendations (or not) through reviews. Mom used to call me Chatty Cathy. Mostly, I love writing and want to work on my writing skills and learn how to reach people effectively and bring something interesting to them.  You can be the judge of whether or not I'm getting there!

What am I doing this week that's way cooler than going to BlogHer? Twitter-pity-parties! Yeah, so there. 
I'm also spending a fab day today with my family. Little Boo and I are going to get our hair cut this morning, and then Daddy is joining us to head down to Taste of the Danforth and meet up with friends and eat souvlaki and listen to music and check out the amusement area. Little Boo loves rides!

I want to share a post I wrote this past spring, about travel with a 4 year-old. It kind of sums up the kind of craziness and small joys that is life with a pre-schooler, whether travelling or not:

So, fellow non-BlogHer peeps, I hope you've enjoyed my post.  I'm looking forward to hopping around and reading many of yours!


  1. I'm following you from the no go blog her blog hop. Maternity leave is a great time to start up a blog. I think that's when I really got serious with mine too.
    I hope you stop by when you get a chance:

  2. Hey just stopping by from NGBH Blog Hop! My first attempt at blogging was a miserable fail as well... I just started back in July and hopefully this time I can stay on track!

  3. Good luck Crystal! I am loving the experience now that I have better motivation and a less dependent child :-)

  4. We both started blogging for a lof the same reasons. Hope you are having a great weekend! Stopping from the hop!


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