Friday, August 06, 2010

underWay Giveaway Winners

Drum roll please ...

I am happy to announce the winners of my underWay and Smart for Life giveaway! The 9 confirmed winners are:

Partymomma said...

I am just beginning my weight loss efforts for the millionth time. I am blogging daily about my progress for 730day. I am currently on day 11. It's because I am still developing a routine and a way to find balance between healthy eating and being hungry that I would love to try these products to see which ones might become an asset to my weight loss efforts.

A Bookcase For Lily said...

I would love to try out the samples. Especially the snacks. Snacking at work is my weakness.

Marcy Berg said...

i would love to try fact i would love to try anything. If it works i will shout about from the rooftops of every patio in Toronto!

ModernMom said...

Great review! I'd like the idea that I would be able to snack smart and perhaps steer clear of the drive thrus a little more often:)

Buddah in the T-Dot said...

I am game to try their products. I hate cooking but love eating healthy. If I can eat it standing up, on a bike, or by the splashpool, even better

Anonymous said...

I would love to try this because it's a healthy way to lose weight.

mommyof4 said...

I would love to try these products to get rid of the last bit from having my baby girl! Sounds like a great product!

Ella said...

I would love to try both of these products to get a jump start on weight loss!!

suzie said...

I need some help to lose this weight & this sounds like a tasty way to do it

Congratulations to you all!

As well, one entry was drawn with no contact info:

sjsjbrook said...

I am would love to try the products. I am in process of loosing the wait from 4 babies and 6 pregnancies. It is a lot of work and any help along the way would be appreciated

So, sjsjbrook, if you see this and respond within the next 48 hours (by Sunday evening, Aug 8)  you too will win this prize package (assuming you are a Canadian resident)

I had a lot of fun hosting this, my first giveaway, and I hope to be able to do many more. Enjoy your products ladies! And remember, you can also  receive a 10% discount on online orders of underWAY with the following code: MCCAN10OFFUW.

Finally, please check out my current giveaway of a Playhouse Disney prize pack! Great programming for the little ones.  Cheers!

1 comment:

  1. woo hoo

    yes I am a canadian resident.

    Here is my email

    Thank you so much


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