Saturday, September 11, 2010

First Day of School

Thursday was the big day. I wasn't feeling well, so I decided to sleep in a bit and keep Little Boo at home for the morning, but since he would normally be heading to JK with his daycare friends, I made sure to get down to the school in advance so we could both be there to experience the transition phase.  Of course, pictures had to be taken first. My credo - Must Document!

 Think he might be a little proud?

Super backpack we won from Stuck on You through Help! We've Got Kids! He picked out the design and colour. It's of course too big for what he needs for JK, but we love it and all its compartments.  It's really well made, so I expect he'll have it for a good while.

When we arrived, the daycare was still doing lunch (thank goodness, since he wouldn't eat at home). I had to leave the room because I was causing too much distraction, for him and his friends. A parent in the daycare always gets the kids excited.

I think I've mentioned before that he has already been in the daycare at this school for almost 4 years. The Kindergarten classroom is about 30 feet down the hall from his preschool room. So he is not having a huge transition. He knows the teacher. Many of his friends are going with him. He knows the school.  And for us, we're used to him being there all day anyway, so that wasn't an adjustment for us.

I thought I had this all under control.

When I met him and his friends and his daycare teacher walking down the hall to JK, his face was just glowing. Unbelievably excited! And he was practically dancing down the hall. Such a  big day, becoming a big kid. He had told me in the morning how much fun the Kindergarten classroom is and what great toys they have.

When his teacher opened the door and showed us where to hang his stuff, she said they were starting the day with Gym

Yup. Gym. The first intro to his formal educational experience was Gym. How sweet is that? He was delighted. I was planning to stay with him for the afternoon to see how he did and what it was about. (Yes, I can be one of those moms from time to time.) But he clearly didn't need me there. I caught his attention as he was sidestepping around the gym to say I was going to head out. His response? "K. Bye Mommy"  He didn't even make eye contact.


I'm superfluous now.

And you know what? This transition affected me more than I thought it would. He came home all excited because he had Gym, and Recess, and reading time, and snack. He laid out his schedule for me. And it started to actually sound like school. And then of course came the stack of paperwork to fill out (more on that in another post). "Recess means playing outside Mommy. In the school age playground!" Recess is definitely his favourite subject at this stage, two days in. Pretty typical I guess.

He's also excited about the borrow a book program, which makes me happy.

He's definitely growing up. And I'm just going to have to take advantage of every "little" moment I can.

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  1. Oh so so glad it went well! And it truly is amazing how much paperwork a school can create!


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