Sunday, September 12, 2010

How many trees must we kill for this??

Along with the beginning of the school year comes the paperwork that must be completed. Forms upon forms upon forms.  I went home with a stack an inch thick after Little Boo's first day.

Permission for him to participate in the borrow a book program. (They get a little bag and can take one book home each night to read and return the next day.)

Permission for him to go on short walking trips in the neighbourhood, whether to the library or a park, or just for exercise.

Injury waiver for Gym class and intramurals.

Contact info update and permission to share this with other parents and the parents' council. (Really? We're in the phone book. That's kind of a global permission slip I think.)

Health Info, Emergency Contact Info, who can pick him up, what enrichment language we want him to learn (Mandarin or Spanish).

Permission slip so he can go online

It just went on.  I'm probably missing something.

Not to mention, before he even started I had to sign a permission form for his daycare and his teacher to talk to each other about him. Seriously? Aren't they all professionals concerned with his care, well-being and learning during each day? Don't they work down the hall from each other and hand him back and forth at transition times? Do I really need to say it's ok for them to talk to each other so they can provide him with the best care possible? And make sure info gets home to us? What has the world come to!

Some of these forms make sense of course. But some just seem to be a product of our sad modern world. Litigious, entitled and overly concerned with privacy over community.

I feel like I just signed my life away and have the carpal tunnel to prove it.

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  1. Like I said earlier, its such a shock compared to when we were in school. I think parents had to fill out where we lived and our phone number. Maybe an emergency contact. A whole new world, and it's a hell of a lot scarier some times.


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