Monday, September 06, 2010

Mommy Mondays - How I Relax

My husband thinks I'm nuts. Well, I guess that's not new. But today it's particularly true. You see, it's a long weekend. The last one of summer. And we had no plans Sunday and Monday. So he wanted to relax.

Well, I don't do relaxing.  I'm just not good at it. Or at least not in the way most people do relaxing. But he's got a head cold, so I let him be. He's been relaxing in a pretty standard way all weekend, with Little Boo loving every minute of it. TV and computer and lazing around on the couch.

Me? I've been baking and cooking and cleaning.

Yup. And some gardening too. (It's been chilly, but I actually really love this fall weather. Though I forget how much I love it when I'm loving summer heat more.)

I am a total Type A personality and sitting still kills me. I lose my mind. Even if I do sit down to watch TV, I have to have the laptop with me. Or knitting or stitching or SOMETHING to keep me occupied and "productive."

So my relaxation this weekend involved making a bunch of tomato sauce and a red and a green salsa with tomatoes from my garden and lots of local veggies. Plus 2 zucchini loaves (garden) and a pan of date squares. And I cleaned and decluttered and fussed and rearranged.  I did sneak in a few breaks to sit with my boys for a bit here and there.

And I remembered to feed them.

But really, although I am physically tired after all I've done this weekend (Saturday was a whole other adventure that I'll blog soon), I am just so content to have a clean, yummy smelling house. I am so content to have used up a bunch of delicious veggies in sauces now stored in my freezer for later use. I am so content that I can come home after work tomorrow and not cringe at the dust awaiting me.  It's all worth it. The mental health value of this work is immense. And I do love baking :-)

So tell me, what do you do to relax?

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