Sunday, September 19, 2010

Transitions can surprise you ...

Little Boo has now finished his first full week in JK. He is loving it. He has definitely been more tired, what with the excitement, the gym classes, and missing his afternoon daycare naps. (He fought them like crazy so we put him in the pm JK session to avoid the hassle). There's certainly still some adjustments to make there.

Recess is his favourite subject. So he's normal I guess.

The big highlights were getting his name on his own coat hook and cubby in the kindergarten room. And decorating his canvas bag for the borrow a book program. He brought home his first borrowed book on Friday and he was really proud. It's called Flippidy Frog and is all about a day in the life of a tree frog. I got a little misty when I saw the bag in his daycare cubby. He's growing up! He did a really nice job decorating it too. Stamped with paint soaked square sponges in lots of different colours.

Now we weren't too worried about his transition to the JK class. As I've mentioned before, it's just down the hall from his daycare, where he's been for almost 4 years. And lots of his friends are in the class with him. But we were prepared for some hiccups and some problems.

Well, the problems weren't what we expected.  You see, he really loves kindergarten. So much so that he now doesn't want to go to daycare anymore. "Just kindergarten, Mommy. I only like kindergarten now. I don't want to go to preschool."


I guess we should have seen this coming, but we didn't. We've had some struggles this week getting him out the door.  And he isn't happy when we drop him off at the daycare.  But at the end of the day it's clear he's having fun there.

This too shall pass I know. He just needs to get used to the new routine, and for the novelty of JK to wear off a little. But really, we didn't see this one coming.

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