Monday, October 18, 2010

Mommy Mondays - A Store of One's Own

Well, at least a virtual one. Two actually.

I must be nuts.

I've mentioned before that I'm expanding my horizons and contemplating a change from the 9-5 office grind.  I've started two businesses - Avon and Pampered Chef. I love both product lines and love to connect with people and share info, and have a background in sales (though I've never really enjoyed sales, I'm pretty good at it). So, on top of running a household and raising my boys and commuting and working 40 hours a week ... I'm also trying to get my side businesses going.  It's been a bit of a struggle so far, but they're coming along.

The brochures and paperwork are taking over my dining room table. And I may very well be spending just as much as I'm making at this stage. (Well, I need samples and supplies ... and a new laptop. Whaaat?) But I've hit a sales goal in my first 30 days with Pampered Chef, and that's been exciting. I've earned bonuses through reaching that goal, and I can now offer online shopping through my own PC website. How cool is that?? Plus I've been getting congratulatory emails from my upline, and even a recorded phone message tonite from head office. Encouraging words are always appreciated.

I missed an early sales meeting with Avon, but have since learned I was recognised there as the top earning new rep in my district (ok, there were very few of us, but still). Again, how cool is that?

Although I am massively far from replacing my current income, it feels good to be doing something on my own, to be starting something and building it. My morale is up, and I've even had a couple of folks at my office comment that I seem happier and less stressed about office politics and crap.  I highly recommend this to anyone who may have been thinking about branching out. Try something new and see where it takes you!

*If anyone is interested, here is my Pampered Chef site


  1. Soooo interested...soooo cut off.

  2. LOL. I look forward to the new year ... when I get my best customer back ;-)


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