Thursday, October 07, 2010

The Most Wonderful Time of the Day ...


Of course, right?

But not for the reasons you might think.  I mean, when Little Boo was very wee, and needed 100% full-time supervision for his highly demanding overly active self, then, yes, bedtime was all about the relief. Relief the house was finally quiet and I could put my feet up. Or get some work done in peace. Or whatever.

Now though, now that he is not demanding and/or requiring constant attention through the day, I can get those moments while he's up and about. And fit in fun playtime with him as well.

Now, bedtime is the most wonderful time for a different reason.  It's our connection time.

The lights are low, the lullabies playing. He has his milk and his stuffies. And we snuggle in bed to read stories and talk. It is pretty much the only time of day he is calm and I have his total attention. We talk about his day. Every night I ask him what the best thing was about his day. And I give him a chance to talk about anything that bothered or upset or bored him. He tells me stories about his adventures at school. He talks about his worries, who his friends are, what books and foods he enjoyed that day. We often work out plans for the coming day.

He processes his day. And I get to see into the mystery that is his growing personality.  We bond.

When he's yawning and truly settled, I give him three kisses on his forehead, and wish him a good night's sleep, with pretty dreams. Like I have since he was an infant.

I treasure these quiet times with my son. And I hope we can keep sharing them for a long time to come.


  1. As they get older those moments get fewer and farther between. It's so nice to embrace and cherish them when they happen.

  2. So true Sharon. I remember when the big guy decided he was too old for hugs and cuddles (around 8 or 9!!!) It was devastating.

    Some nights I can't bring myself to leave 4yo's bed I get so emotional knowing this won't last forever.

  3. I'm going to add "What was the best part of your day?" to our night routine. Great question. :)


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